Check Out the Convenient Ford Escape

Looking for a vehicle that can help make your life easier? Consider the Ford Escape. This popular compact SUV is loaded with features that can have your life running smoothly. The team here at Hansel Ford wants to highlight a couple of them.

One feature that is brand new for 2020 is the rotary gear shift dial. This dial takes up far less space than traditional shift knobs. The result? You have more room for cupholders, storage, and a conveniently located USB port.

The Titanium trim level will give you Active Park Assist 2.0. By simply pressing a button, the Ford Escape can help to detect an appropriate parking space. Once the spot is detected, simply place the vehicle in neutral and hit the button again. The Escape then does it all, from steering to controlling acceleration and braking. This can be very helpful when navigating parking here in Santa Rosa, CA. See these features for yourself when you visit Hansel Ford for a test drive!

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