On long roads, an average driver may not want to hold a gas pedal down throughout an entire trip. During these situations, cruise control provides convenience as it prevents the need to continuously press an accelerator. If cruising in a vehicle without using an accelerator constantly sounds appealing, you'll enjoy driving a Ford Edge.

The Ford Edge's cruise control system has Stop-and-Go functions. This technology makes the process of changing speeds on crowded roads easier. When cruise control is activated, its Stop-and-Go technology monitors the conditions in the surroundings. If another automobile's speed reduces, Ford's cruise control system will decrease the Edge's traveling speed as well. In some cases, the system may also completely stop the Edge. Then, when traffic is moving again, the Stop-and-Go technology will gradually accelerate the Edge's engine back to its original speed.

Adaptive cruise control works best on busy streets. You can check it out after setting up a test drive session at Hansel Ford in Santa Rosa, CA.

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