Performance Features of the Ford Fusion

Passengers and drivers alike can sense immediately if the car they're riding in lacks an effective suspension system. Most midsize sedans boast a smooth ride, but the Ford Fusion is a popular option in this vehicle class that adds a smart sensor to its wheels, so your ride achieves the ultimate level of comfort.

Because it features a dynamic all-wheel drive sensor array that monitors each wheel moment by moment, even hitting a pothole is no problem for the Fusion. If your climate includes ice and snow, this same system can deliver the right amount of traction to individual wheels, so you always have grip. Three different engine styles are available for the Fusion, and while they each vary in power and size, all are turbocharged, feature direct injection and include a variable twin cam system.

Hansel Ford in Santa Rosa, CA carries an extensive selection of Ford Fusions. Visit us or call to reserve a test drive.

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