Ford EcoSport; Simple and Stately

The Ford EcoSport was adapted to the US market based on one fact. Younger buyers are trending towards aversion of excess and seeking the most ecologically responsible vehicles that will support their lifestyle.

The EcoSport is committed to both, with Focus-like economy paired with Escape-like styling and utility. The interior, however, is all EcoSport, with unique front console highlighted by the 8-inch touchscreen display. The interior is designed to be smart, with ample quick charge USB charging ports for staying connected on the go. The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features merge your smartphone with the vehicle. Along with the enhanced SYNC 3 System, the Apple Car Play and Android Auto systems allow for quick and easy voice dialing and text messaging. Features such as "OK, Google" and "Hey Siri" also work with these functions.

The 2018 EcoSport is all that any driver will need. Come see for yourself at Hansel Ford in Santa Rosa, CA.

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