Why is Alignment Important?

A car that is out of alignment has poor gas mileage, uneven tread on the tires, and does not handle correctly. Things that can cause a vehicle to get out of alignment are potholes, rough driving conditions, and bumping the tires.

A sign you have misaligned tires is if you brake and the car pulls to one side. If there is a new vibration in the steering wheel, it could be another signal that the vehicle needs aligning. Service technicians test for alignment using wheel angle measurements. The measurements need to meet the manufacturer’s recommendation for the car to remain aligned. If the vehicle is out of alignment, the technicians can adjust it.

A convenient time to have the alignment checked is at the same time you get an oil change. This will make it a routine check. If it is time for a checkup, contact Hansel Ford conveniently located in Santa Rosa, CA to make an appointment today.

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