What are the Signs of an Impending Fuel Pump Failure?

If your engine isn't getting the gas it needs, then it may cause any number of issues, or simply refuse to work completely. That's what happens if you don't ensure that your fuel pump is properly working. If your fuel pump is faulty and unable to get your engine the fuel it needs, it can cause any number of problems, so it's important to always watch out for signs of an impending fuel pump failure.

If your fuel pressure is low, you get low gas mileage, or your vehicle struggles to move uphill, then your fuel pump likely isn't working at the efficiency it should be. If you notice sudden surges forward or your engine sputters at high speeds, then those may also be signs of fuel pump issues. It's important to bring your vehicle in for service as soon as you notice these issues, rather than wait until your vehicle simply stops working.

So, if you do notice any of those issues, it's imperative that you stop by our service center at Hansel Ford in Santa Rosa, CA today for a service checkup!

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