Tow and Carry Large Loads with the 2019 Ford Ranger

If you tend to take things with you as you are driving around, then you may want a truck that is designed to carry and tow heavy loads. The 2019 Ford Ranger has been designed with strong materials so that you will be able to take everything you need with you without putting a lot of strain on your vehicle.

When it comes to towing, you can tow a lot of weight with the 2019 Ford Ranger thanks to the 7,500 lbs towing capacity. Therefore, you can carry a trailer that is full of items that you need as well as what you want.

The payload is also something that is worthy of mentioning with a best in class 1,860 lbs of payload capacity. You can tow and carry a ton of items in your vehicle and not have to leave anything behind for another trip.

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