Increase Your Productivity with the Ford Super Duty

The Ford Super Duty is built to help you out on any job. The popular heavy-duty pickup truck has a versatile bed that can serve you well in any situation.

Our team at Hansel Ford is excited to show you the available BoxLink system. It features reinforced sides that can handle all kinds of cargo. The system is designed to be as flexible as possible. There are multiple anchor points to secure items, a smooth floor for sliding objects in, and lockable cleats for peace of mind. It even has interface plates so that you can use additional accessories.

Once the sun goes down in Santa Rosa, CA, you can continue working thanks to the available LED lamps. The lights are built into the BoxLink system. They're strategically placed to illuminate the bed efficiently without being overbearing. If you need a lot of light, lamps on the top of the cabin exterior are available as well.

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