Ford Introducing its Co-Pilot360

Ford has just taken a major step into this century by introducing its Co-Pilot360 system. The automaker has been cooking this system for some time and is now finally ready for the world to see.

Now, it will take some time to introduce the Co-Pilot360 to the world. It is going to be rolled out in a few key markets to work out some of the kinks if there are any to be found, but Ford expects it to be standard amongst all of its vehicles, such as the Bronco or the Ranger. Hopefully, cities like Santa Rosa, CA are going to be a part of that roll out.

Ford expects to roll out additional features as time goes on. There is a lot to highlight about this system, like its automatic emergency braking system that will detect a pedestrian and stop before the car hits the person. The braking system will also work in reverse, which is a relatively new feature compared to other automakers.

The vehicle will also have blind spot monitoring to make sure the driver is more aware of this area. The system will also help with evasive steering should there be a collision taking place among other things that will surely impress car buyers at Hansel Ford.

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