Ford Focus SEL Comes Jam-Packed With Features

You care about the way that your vehicle looks on the outside, but you are also looking for a vehicle with an interior that you will love. The Ford Focus SEL sedan provides you with the interior features that you are seeking and it will give you a great driving experience.

The Ford Focus SEL from Hansel Ford allows you to tilt and adjust your steering wheel to get it set up just right for you, and it gives you the option to have that steering wheel covered in a leather material. This car keeps all passengers warm with rear heat vents standard. You have the option to pick up a cargo area protector when you purchase this sedan.

If you are trying to find a vehicle that will suit your needs on both the outside and the inside, then you should allow those of us at Hansel Ford in Santa Rosa, CA to help you get to know the Ford Focus SEL.

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