Exhaust System Leaks Are Detectable

The exhaust system has a specific purpose, which is to keep harmful gases and fumes away from the engine. The process redistributes those elements into the atmosphere. When an exhaust system has been compromised with a leak, this process is interrupted.

Because the gas flows from the engine manifold into the catalytic converter to the resonator and then through the muffler; finally exiting the tailpipe, there are several occasions for a leak to occur. An exhaust leak can be detectable by listening for an intermittent ‘hissing” sound, which is usually heard more clearly while the vehicle is parked with the engine running. Additionally, there can be a high-pitched sound coming from the tailpipe, which indicates some type of restriction within the exhaust system.

If you detect any of these signs with your vehicle, have your exhaust system checked by Hansel Ford. Schedule your appointment at our Santa Rosa location today.

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