Road Trip in Style and Safety

When you head out on that summer road trip this year, you will want to pack your luggage, snacks, drinks, and your best friends. But there are also some other items you will want to bring along just in case the worst happens.

Jumper cables are important on any trip, as are emergency flares and flashlights, especially if you are travelling at night. Be sure to bring chargers for all your electronic devices, and it might be smart to bring an old-fashioned paper map in the event you lose your GPS connection.

Emergency water is important, as is an emergency meal like a fiber bar or two. Blankets are important if you are travelling in cooler weather, so is proper clothing and shoes in case you have to get out an push. An umbrella never hurts either.

And keep a list of emergency numbers and a little emergency cash in a safe place. You never know what you might run into on a summer road trip.
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