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What are the Signs of an Impending Fuel Pump Failure?

If your engine isn't getting the gas it needs, then it may cause any number of issues, or simply refuse to work completely. That's what happens if you don't ensure that your fuel pump is properly working. If your fuel pump is faulty and unable to get your engine the fuel it needs, it can cause any number of problems, so it's important to always watch…

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Exhaust System Leaks Are Detectable

The exhaust system has a specific purpose, which is to keep harmful gases and fumes away from the engine. The process redistributes those elements into the atmosphere. When an exhaust system has been compromised with a leak, this process is interrupted.

Because the gas flows from the engine manifold into the catalytic converter to the resonator and then through the muffler; finally exiting the tailpipe, there are several occasions for…

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What Does It Take to Test a Battery?

Batteries are just as important to your car as they are to your cell phone or your laptop. Without it, your car simply won't run because there is no current created to start your vehicle. That is why our team here at Hansel Ford located right here in Santa Rosa, CA are here to give you a quick rundown on how to test your car battery.

The most important…

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